Crimes against the person range from assault & battery to rape and homicide.  Bassil & Budreau are top criminal lawyers who have defended clients in virtually every category of criminal case prosecuted by state prosecutors.  Both Attorneys Bassil and Budreau have won multiple acquittals in first degree murder cases and other serious offenses against the person.  Attorney Bassil has obtained acquittals for professionals and celebrities including lawyers and princes accused of sexual offenses.  She won an acquittal in the Kerrigan case where the brother of an Olympic star was accused of killing his father and a not guilty by reason of insanity for a mother accused of killing her children.  Similarly, Attorney Budreau has the distinction of winning multiple complex trials including two separate homicide cases for the same client and then, recently in 2016,  an acquittal for a client accused of first degree murder.  He also won an acquittal for a script writer for Miami Vice accused of drug trafficking and a Canadian businessman accused by the federal government of importing 1000 kilos of marijuana into the United States.

Janice Bassil has successfully represented adults and juveniles accused of sex offenses and homicides over the last 25 years years.  Attorney Bassil honed her craft as a public defender and became so effective representing clients falsely accused of such offenses that she won her last seventeen sexual assault trials and every homicide case she has tried in the last decade. Known for connecting with juries, her persistent style and creative legal theories, Ms. Bassil is simply the most effective advocate clients can have on their side when facing accusations that can change one’s life.  See Seeking Justice.

James Budreau has also earned a reputation as a tough litigator whose persistence, high tech saviness and success at trial has lead to the best possible results for his clients. Beyond the multiple not guilty verdicts in first degree murder and complex federal trials, Attorney Budreau has successfully represented clients accused of assault & battery, rape, child pornography, robbery,  gun possession, oui, domestic violence and about any misdemeanor and felonies in state court.   See Washington Post and Boston Globe.  Jim also litigates civil cases ranging from sex offenses to employment discrimination.

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