Attorney James Budreau has represented clients accused of narcotic offenses in state and federal court for 25 years.  Jim honed his craft with the legendary “drug” lawyer, Joe Oteri, in the 1990’s when they won multiple high profile drug trials in state and federal court. Attorney Budreau went on to win dozens of narcotic cases including an acquittal of a Canadian businessman accused of exporting over 1000 kilos of marijuana, the acquittal of a screen writer for Miami Vice accused of funding his film projects through drug proceeds, the dismissal of a federal case using a statute of limitations defense and an acquittal of a man facing a 15 year minimum mandatory sentence for drug trafficking.   Jim represents clients in federal courts throughout New England including Vermont where he has successfully defendant numerous high profile defendants in federal court.   If you believe that your need a legal team with a proven track record in the courtroom, then call BK&B at 617-366-2200 and ask for Jim Budreau.

B&B is licensed in Massachusetts and Maine and practices in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont federal court.