In September 2017, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos rescinded the Obama administration’s 2011 directive requiring colleges to aggressively investigate sexual assault claims using a relatively low burden of proof. While the comment period for new regulations is still open, the Secretary of Education has offered guidance for how colleges should handle hearings in the interim. Bassil & Budreau continue to monitor these changes to ensure the best possible outcomes in such hearings for their clients.

These changes are a welcome development in this highly specialized area of Title IX law. The Obama directives have been perceived as imbalanced and, frankly, unfair for anyone accused of sexual assault given the low burden of proof applied, the lack of university accountability and the denial of counsel at many hearings. The lack of due process in these hearing has led to hundreds of federal based complaints filed by students accused of sexual assault and the present review by Secretary DeVos.

Bassil & Budreau are specialists in this area of law and have represented students facing disciplinary actions for sexual assault and code of conduct violations in all the major universities in Boston and Western Massachusetts. Given the reality that such actions can have life long consequences, it is critical that you and your children be represented well before and during these hearings.

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